Why should my congregation participate in IHI?

Together we can do more than we can do alone. Working together we can help end child and family hunger. We'd be pleased to discuss the benefit of participation with your faith leaders, committees, etc. Contact Kent Millard at or call 317.694.8587.


How can my congregation join the
Interfaith Hunger Initiative?

We are asking participating congregations to:

  • raise awareness of the hungry
  • deepen congregational engagement with ending hunger
  • contribute financially and/or volunteer at a level appropriate to the congregation

A covenant (PDF) is available to formalize our commitment if that is helpful. Return a copy to


How can I donate to IHI?

Donate online or send a check made out to:
"Interfaith Hunger Initiative"
IHI, c/o Martha Nommay, Second Presbyterian Church
7700 N. Meridian, Indianapolis, IN 46260


How much of our money will go to overhead?

Less than 3%. This is an all-volunteer effort.


Are donations to IHI tax deductible?

Yes, we are a 501(c)(3) organization. Copies of our governing documents and financial statements are available upon request.


What if I am not active in a congregation?

We welcome individual participants. Sign up for IHI's newsletter link and let us know how you'd like to be involved.

VALUES  that drive us

—  interfaith  —

—  collaboration  —

—  community  —

—  compassion  —


that if we
come together we can end hunger in our time.


WE BELIEVE that working together across faith lines
on an important project will strengthen our community.