Events   The Interfaith Hunger Initiative has hosted or co-hosted a series of events to raise awareness of the extent of hunger, engage more people in ending hunger, and raise funds for the hungry. These events have included 'A-Maize-Ing' lunches, a public talk by the Dalai Lama, an UnLunch on Monument Circle, Congressional Candidates Forum on Hunger, and annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Services.

Congregations   Congregations participating in IHI are providing volunteers, sponsoring and joining in local and community events and raising funds.

Changing the Systems   We are working together to change the systems – to help create a system of access to food.  Why? Because systemic changes are sorely needed, and because together we can effect change we could not accomplish alone.





Kenya   Through the Umoja project of the Global Interfaith Partnership, we are supporting a school lunch program in one of the poorest parts of Kenya. Through 18 local schools we are currently serving a daily school lunch to 3000 vulnerable children, many are AIDS orphans. Half of the money that the Interfaith Hunger Initiative receives goes to support children in these schools.  Since they do not have to forage for food these children are in school and are excelling there.  For orphaned children in this area of Kenya, the Umoja project is a path to a brighter future than what befell their parents.  It is a story of hope and possibility for a new generation.


"So if you can please, don’t stop helping us. If you stop, we will nowhere to be seen."
—Lorite, Grade 7, Bar Andingo School


Indianapolis area   The Pantry Partner program is a collaborative effort with Gleaners Food Bank to assist leading Indianapolis area pantries to improve access to food. There are more than one hundred food pantries in the Indianapolis area, but there is little coordination to ensure one is open when needed. The Pantry Partners handled 61% of the food provided by Gleaners in Marion County in 2012.

IHI is helping pantries interested to serve at a higher level by supporting their procurement of food. In 2012 this amounted to 550,000 lbs of food. Finally, we are recruiting volunteers to help pantries be open longer hours.

Our goal is to establish at least one Pantry Partner in each township in Marion County and one in each surrounding county.

We are helping change the systems in other ways as well. IHI is a key part of the Indy Hunger Network, which brings together major organizations such as Second Helpings, St Vincent de Paul, Midwest Food Bank, Gleaners, and lots more. The Indy Hunger Network's goal is to assure access to sufficient nutrition food for all by 2015. (

Many of the IHI congregations are speaking up for the hungry, helping to change our government’s systems for the hungry as well. Through Bread for the World we are asking our government to play its part.


What's Next   Next up is establishment and support of more Pantry Partner pantries.