The Interfaith Hunger Initiative Pantry Partner program was established in 2009 as a collaborative effort with Gleaners Food Bank to assist leading Indianapolis area pantries to provide enhanced services. There are more than one hundred food pantries in the Indianapolis area, but most are only open infrequently. 

The goal of the Pantry Partner program is to ensure timely access to food for hungry families, in quantities and in locations that will meet their needs. To that end we are building a network of lead pantries. Watch our pantry video!

For more information about food pantries closest to you, please call 211.

We welcome our newest Pantry Partner:
Hancock County.


The requirements to become a Pantry Partner are:

  1. Be a documented 501(c)3 charity in good standing with Gleaners.
  2. Be open to the public 12-18 hours per week, with some morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend hours.
  3. Allow clients to select their food from what is available, rather than receiving a pre-selected bag of food items. This enhances client esteem and minimizes waste.
  4. Be open to all eligible clients living within the pantry’s area of operation.
  5. Provide clients information about other food assistance programs such as SNAP, WIC, or CSFP.

Advantages for pantries that elect to become a Pantry Partner are:

  • IHI subsidizes food bank handling fees. 
  • Gleaners works to assure Pantry Partners have adequate food to meet expanding community need.
  • IHI publicizes needs for community volunteers at Pantry Partners.
  • Participation in sharing of experience and resources among Pantry Partner peers.
  • The Indy Hunger Network offers a grant program to assist current and potential Pantry Partners with needs such as major capital purchases. 

Pantries interested in considering becoming a Pantry Partner should contact Kathy Hahn-Keiner at Gleaners Food Bank, 925-0191.

Our goal is to establish at least one Pantry Partner in each township in Marion County, and one in each surrounding county. We began 2009 with no IHI Pantry Partners. Currently there are seven. (See map above, or printable PDF download.)

You can help change the system as well.  If you are interested in working at a food pantry, volunteers are needed to help pantries stay open more days or longer hours in order to be more accessible.  To learn more about being a vehicle of change, contact